Basically Kythira famous for beautiful honey and raki. A delicious drink that has as its basis the raki is Fatourada, with cinnamon and cloves taste of fruit. In traditional sweet Rozedes base is honey, almonds and sugar. The Pastitseto, a famous sweet of the island made from fresh butter, vanilla and quince. Wonderful sweet and xerotigana with crunchy leaf, thyme honey, sesame and cinnamon. We still have the Sweet Pumpkin

Olive oil, raki, Jams, pasta and sea salt, Keramika, and Nuts, Kythira biological products. Traditional Jams, traditional flavors of Kythera will find throughout the island. The excellent wine Kytherian also among the top products of the place

The rusks with oil Fluffy, crispy, the taste that gives its distinctive olive oil, ideally combined with many flavors and the base are extremely appetizing. The old traditional recipe followed with knowledge Olive oil is local and preparation is at hand, and traditional kytherian pastries and buns variety and nuts Thyme, broom, sage, the semprevives the amaranth of rocky islands of Kythira which 'always lives' pine trees, lentisk, myrtle, wild olive, carob, Ashfaq, Kritama, agriovioletes, trees, capers, prickly pears and an endless natural botanical richness surround villages, farmland, beaches, smooth and rugged coastline, the surrounding small islands, famous for their handmade pottery