Rich cultural activity exhibits on Kythera all year, which of course rises to the top in summer time.

The locals and the visitors of the island meet in standard, since years, happenings like the wine festival in Mitata, the feast of the Vrice in Viaradika, the festival of Avlemonas or the festivals of Karavas and Potamos that are organized with high spirits and desire by the Kytherians.

Also, within the new municipality activities of the summer which had a very rich programme, there are many concerts that are given by known artists during the summer time since the island is an ideal place for the fulfillment of such shows.

It would be an omission from the visitors not to admire from close the archaeological findings that are being displayed in the Archaeological Museum in Chora. Between the pots and coins, stands proud in his pedestal the marvelous Lion of Kythera, statue of archaic time.