Explore Kythera with hiking trails, discover the magical underwater diving, and live happily with your favorite water sport sailing, water skiing


Kythera although no marked trails are ideal for walking. Wonderful paths in wooded ravines that lead to sources kakotrachilous rocks leading to dreamy beaches or even oligofytes slopes to earn in the courtyard of a church.

Of all the possible routes you would like to recommend you follow the Mylopotamos. The village is defined on one side by a stream which passes through green hillsides, cliffs, small and large troughs with all shades of green, old bridges and mills feel nobody walks in time. The waterfalls, ideal spots for break and breeze will relax you physically and mentally.


1) Country - Kapsali
Length: 3.1 mm
2) Avlemonas - Agios Georgios Mountain
Length: 3 km
3) River - Paleochora
Length: 3.4 mm


Just two meters from the water, our shelter is rigged with modern diving equipment, a wonderful beach where you do not even walk, just fall into turquoise waters! Reeds for shade,wooden benches for the preparation and your feet washed by the sea.

In Kythera Dive Center combine the beauty of the picturesque Limniona with spotless standards the world's largest scuba diving training organization PADI, strict control standards and certification BUREAU VERITAS, security DAN, an injury of EFR, and environmental sensitivity of PROJECT AWARE.


By boat, a longline or troll in Melidoni, in Avlemonas, around the Chitra, the Copper. Off from Kapsali and to Melidoni, becoming a herd of afropsara. If you are a diver fisherman with experience in speargun stroll past shoals left the bay Melidoni. The same point has afropsara but wants attention to the boat and even streams. A net is away from Avlemonas has many white fish.

And for those who like fishing pole or petachtarion the island has very good points. Needless bit like walking and your straw will remunerate you with the above to Limnionas


Agia Pelagia beach of pebble and sand umbrellas and sunbeds.
Firi Ammos (Agia Pelagia) located a short distance from the village of Agia Pelagia
Platia Ammos on the east side of the island.
Kaladi is one of the most famous beaches worth hassle going down the stone path of 124 stairs,
Firi Sand Kalamos beach with relatively difficult access but worth the trouble lies southeast of the island, near the village Kalamos, beach with umbrellas and sunbeds in a part of an award of a blue flag for its clean waters.
Lagada Agia Pelagia Blue Flag Awarded canteen will find and rent umbrellas and sunbeds.
Ovens after village of Karavas and Plateia Ammos before you meet the sign and turn right on a good dirt road.
Melidoni beach is organized with canteen, umbrellas and sun loungers
Halkos beach organized with canteen, umbrellas and sun loungers
Sparangario before Kapsalis, sandy beach with turquoise waters
Komponada village Travasarianika will find signs that lead to the beach
Paleopoli the so kamarela is nudist beach
Reed after the village Mylopotamos will find Panagia Orphan where we park. Following the dirt road you will reach the path that leads to the Pole.
Diakofti with shallow turquoise waters and white sand and the port of Kythira